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If you have a question that cannot safely wait until our usual business hours, you can page the physician after hours.  Prior to paging the doctor, please go to our home page and click the link for symptom checker which can be found in the box labelled "Sick Child?".  This link will take you to the American Academy of Pediatrics webpage which gives excellent advice about a wide range of common ailments.  It even has a specific tab to click which lets you know when you should call your doctor.  Only after checking this website should you page the doctor if you still have a question.   Please be aware that the doctor is home with her family.   If you feel that your question can safely wait, we ask that you do so.  If you feel that your question cannot wait, call our office at 410-582-9434.  The system will prompt you to press 7 to page the doctor on call.  While leaving a message for the doctor, please speak slowly and clearly.  Give a brief message including the name of your child, the nature of your problem and a phone number where you can be reached.  Your call will be returned promptly. 

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